Friday, June 20, 2008

New Districts Created in Brazil

It has been a couple years since the Church has created a new district in Brazil. Districts function kind of like simplified, small stakes in the Church and are made up of anywhere from two to a dozen or so branches. A district was created outside the capital city of Brasilia in a city called Planaltina. There used to be a couple wards in the city, but they have now become branches. The stake the wards used to belong to is still active. This new district will help to foster growth within Planaltina and reduce travel time for members to meetings. The second district organized in Brazil was in the city of Caruaru which is near Recife. This district was created after the same pattern as the district in Planaltina. The Church has 218 stakes, 52 districts and over one million members in Brazil. On the above map, yellow squares indicate stakes and green squares indicate districts. The red dots indicate temples.


Santiago said...

I served in Planaltina-GO and PLanaltina-DF. The district has 6 branches. I hope soon the district become a stake. I think when this happen the Brasília Temple will be announced.

Santiago said...

I mistake myself, in really are 7 branches in Planaltina district:
Arapoanga Branch
Estância Branch
Cabeceiras Branch
Formosa Branch
Planaltina 1 Branch
Planaltina 2 Branch
Planaltina 3 Branch

Matt said...

Thanks for the info about Planaltina. Apparantly the Church is particularly focused on this district becoming a stake as well as a future temple in Brasilia.