Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Church in Malaysia

One of the areas in the world the Church has grown and is growing rapidly right now is in Malaysia. Back in 2000 membership was only 1,300 and in 2006 was over 3,600. Not many new branches have been organized in the past five years. Most of the growth has been in East Malaysia among people of the Iban Tribe. Baptisms occur weekly in cities in East Malaysia like Bintulu. It is likely a district will be formed in Bintulu considering it is currently apart of the Kuching East Malaysia District (which stretches hundreds of miles) and there are three branches in the city. Growth is also occurring in West Malaysia primarily among immigrates to the area from Africa and Nepal. Missionary work is done carefully in this predominantly Muslim country and is focused on Christians of different faiths. The last new congregation created in Malaysia was in Kuching last year.
The green squares are branches and the yellow squares are where districts are based.

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