Friday, April 8, 2022

UPDATED: List of the Countries with the Most Members without a Stake - April 2022 Edition

Below is an updated list of the countries with the most Latter-day Saints without a stake. Membership totals are as of 2021 and congregational and district totals are current. Estimated membership for mainland China and Pakistan is provided as official statistics are unavailable. The number of branches in mainland China is not provided due to the sensitive nature of the Church in that country. Previous lists of the countries with the most members without a stake can be found here.

  1. China - 12,500 members? - 12 districts
  2. Malaysia - 10,719 members - 28 branches - 5 districts
  3. Guyana - 6,417 members - 11 branches - 2 districts
  4. Belize - 5,519 members - 12 branches - 2 districts
  5. Pakistan - 5,300 members? - 13 branches - 3 districts
  6. Malawi - 3,612 members - 12 branches - 2 districts
  7. Armenia - 3,537 members - 5 branches - 0 districts
  8. Romania - 3,087 members - 15 branches - 3 districts
  9. Cameroon - 2,409 members - 14 branches - 2 districts
  10. Bulgaria - 2,395 members - 7 branches - 0 districts
  11. Tanzania - 2,309 members - 15 branches - 1 district
  12. Eswatini - 2,158 members - 6 branches - 1 district
  13. Poland - 2,089 members - 11 branches - 1 district
  14. Ethiopia - 1,943 members - 5 branches - 1 district
  15. Cook Islands - 1,893 members - 5 branches - 1 district
  16. Suriname - 1,759 members - 5 branches - 1 district
  17. Sri Lanka - 1,671 members - 5 branches - 1 district
  18. Macau - 1,456 members - 2 branches - 1 district 
  19. Solomon Islands - 1,374 members - 5 branches, 1 district
  20. Lesotho - 1,369 members - 6 branches - 1 district
As noted in the list from 2021, prospects appear most favorable for the formation of stakes within the next few years in mainland China, Malaysia, Guyana, Belize, Pakistan, Swaziland, and Cameroon as all of these countries have at least one district that is close to reaching the minimum qualifications for a stake to operate. Tanzania also appears a likely candidate for a stake in the near future since most members live in Dar Es Salaam. There are too few members and growth rates are too slow for stakes to be likely in the next couple years in Sri Lanka, the Solomon Islands, and Lesotho. Low member activity rates, an insufficient number of branches in individual member districts, slow or stagnant growth, and few full-tithe paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders will likely continue to delay the organization of stakes in other countries for several more years to come.


  1. Wondering about the Cook Islands. They are so close to the magic 1900 and the fact that there are only five branches makes me think that these branches are all of decent size. I also wonder how open the Church would be to integrate the two branches in Niue to boost those numbers. By local standards, Niue and the Cook Islands are actually not that far apart.

    Also, this hasn't been mentioned here, but what are everyone's thoughts on the Spain Madrid North and England Bristol Missions? Both of these were quite a surprise to me - Bristol more than Madrid North.

  2. I wouldn't be reading too much into the creation of either mission other than it's kind of crazy how two nations with populations this large, England with 55 million and Spain with 47 million, are currently covered by just four and two missions respectively.

  3. France and Germany are even more out of whack, I realize.

  4. Europe used to have a lot more missions (and missionaries) assigned to it. When I served from 1992-1994, Italy had four missions. Now it has two. I wonder if the Brethren consider now how many people there are in a country of a certain age, as opposed to total population.

  5. The 2 mission presidents that were called this year to Russia Moscow and Russia St. Petersburg missions (who may be US citizens). Have been reassigned to the England Birmingham and England Leeds Missions instead. according to that mission creation article in Church News. Prior to the conflict, all foreign missionaries were removed from Russian territory.

    1. I am not surprised that the Russia conflict plays a part in this. That said both the Spain Madrid North and England Bristol missions cover areas with large populations.

      That said, these populations are nothing compared to some missions in Africa. The Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission covers basically 100 million people in that country. However at least for a time the mission operated in excile in Kenya.

      That said, in the future some of Ethiopia's neighbors might be assigned to that mission if we ever get missionaries there. Ethiopia is a multi-lingual country where at least by first language Oromo is spoken by more people than Amheric. While many Amheric speakers are Orthodox Christians, a good part of the Oromo are Protestants, and I believe many of the Somali in Ethiopia are Muslim. There are some other ethno-linguistic groups, and the religious scene is quite complex.

      Tanzania has one mission and 55 million people. However the mission also takes in some of costal Kenya as well.

      I am really hoping that Kenya sees several new stakes soon.

      I have a secret hope that Elder Sitati will be the first president of the Nairobi Kenya Temple. He and his wife Gladys were the first couple from Kenya ever to be sealed in the temple, he was the first stake president there and he presided at the temple groundbreaking. He turns 70 I believe in June so will probably be granted emeritus status in October.


  7. I wonder why their is no stakes?

  8. For a time the Cook Islands were a separate mission. At the time I think the population there was about 20,000. This was in the 1960s. It would be nice to see a stake there.

  9. Are statistics for membership in Cuba considered "sensitive"?


    This article is about a new chapel/commercial office tower development in Salt Lake City. I am wondering more about the details in New York City, Brussels and London. I am wondering if there are any other cities with this.

    I am also wondering if we could do something like this in Detroit.

    1. JPL, that article you shared was about the new Relief Society and Primary General Presidencies. Did you mean to post this one instead?

    2. @JPL

      I like the new downtown urban chapel design in Salt Lake City! Reminds me of the Manhattan Temple.

  11. The 3 European continent Areas have been realigned in Classic Maps and renamed.

    1) Europe Area - 790257, has been renamed "Europe Central - 790257".,32.029022&z=3&m=google.hybrid&layers=area&q=790257&find=area:790257

    2) Europe East Area - 790028,126.914051&z=2&m=google.hybrid&layers=area&q=790028&find=area:790028

    3) "Europe North - 790176", has been reinstated.

  12. According to my calculations, the newly realigned "Europe Central Area - 790257", will include these 64 Stakes. Plus several districts.

    A Coruña Spain
    Alessandria Italy
    Antwerp Belgium
    Apeldoorn Netherlands
    Barcelona Spain
    Berlin Germany
    Bern Switzerland
    Bordeaux France
    Brussels Belgium
    Budapest Hungary
    Cádiz Spain
    Cartagena Spain
    Dortmund Germany
    Dresden Germany
    Düsseldorf Germany
    Elche Spain
    Florence Italy
    Frankfurt Germany
    Friedrichsdorf Germany
    Geneva Switzerland
    Granada Spain
    Hamburg Germany
    Hannover Germany
    Heidelberg Germany
    Hospitalet Spain
    Kaiserslautern Germany
    Las Palmas Spain
    Lausanne Switzerland
    Leipzig Germany
    Lille France
    Lléida Spain
    Lyon France
    Madrid Spain Central
    Madrid Spain East
    Madrid Spain West
    Milan Italy East
    Milan Italy West
    Munich Germany
    Nancy France
    Nice France
    Nürnberg Germany
    Palermo Italy
    Paris France
    Paris France East
    Paris France South
    Prague Czech Republic
    Puglia Italy
    Rennes France
    Rome Italy East
    Rome Italy West
    Rotterdam Netherlands
    Salzburg Austria
    Seville Spain
    St Gallen Switzerland
    Stuttgart Germany
    The Hague Netherlands
    Tirana Albania
    Toulouse France
    Valencia Spain
    Venice Italy
    Verona Italy
    Vienna Austria
    Vitoria Spain
    Zürich Switzerland

  13. According to my calculations the newly reinstated "Europe North Area - 790176", will include the following 70 Stakes. Plus several Districts. Which I group temporarily the 2 Ukraine Stakes of Kyiv Ukraine and Kharkiv Ukraine, under this Area due to it being under the supervision of the Assistant to the Presidency of the Europe North Area, Elder Kyrylo Pokhylko.

    "At this time, Ukraine and Moldova will be separate and overseen by Elder Kyrylo Pokhylko, an Area Seventy, in his role as an assistant to the Europe North Area Presidency."

    Aberdeen Scotland
    Almada Portugal
    Århus Denmark
    Ashton England
    Assomada Cape Verde
    Belfast Northern Ireland
    Billingham England
    Birmingham England
    Bristol England
    Canterbury England
    Cardiff Wales
    Cheltenham England
    Chester England
    Chorley England
    Coimbra Portugal
    Copenhagen Denmark
    Coventry England
    Crawley England
    Drammen Norway
    Dublin Ireland
    Dundee Scotland
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Glasgow Scotland
    Göteborg Sweden
    Helsinki Finland
    Huddersfield England
    Hull England
    Ipswich England
    Jyväskylä Finland
    Kharkiv Ukraine
    Kyiv Ukraine
    Leeds England
    Leicester England
    Lichfield England
    Lisbon Portugal
    Liverpool England
    London England Hyde Park
    London England Wandsworth
    Maidstone England
    Malmö Sweden
    Manchester England
    Merthyr Tydfil Wales
    Mindelo Cape Verde
    Newcastle-Under-Lyme England
    Northampton England
    Norwich England
    Nottingham England
    Oeiras Portugal
    Oslo Norway
    Paisley Scotland
    Plymouth England
    Poole England
    Porto Portugal
    Porto Portugal North
    Portsmouth England
    Praia Cape Verde
    Preston England
    Reading England
    Romford England
    São Filipe Cabo Verde
    Setúbal Portugal
    Sheffield England
    St Albans England
    Staines England
    Stockholm Sweden
    Stockholm Sweden South
    Sunderland England
    Tampere Finland
    Watford England
    York England

  14. Leaving the remaining "Europe East Area - 790028" with the 3 Stakes in the Russian Federation. Plus several Districts.

    Moscow Russia
    St. Petersburg Russia
    Saratov Russia

  15. Fe de errata : On my earlier post today regarding the possible reasons of the Creation of 2 new missions in Europe, England Bristol and Spain Madrid North. I had posted incorrectly that the 2 new Mission Presidents called to preside over the Russia Moscow Mission (Elder Adam West) and Russia St. Petersburg Mission (Elder Christopher Eastland). Had been reassigned to the England Birmingham and England Leeds, incorrectly.

    Elder Adam West was reassigned from the Russia Moscow Mission to preside the England Birmingham Mission effective July 2022, after President Kevin Gallacher (2021-2022) of the England Birmingham was reassigned to preside over the new England Bristol Mission that will be reinstated effective July 2022.

    Elder Christopher Eastland was reassigned from the Russia St. Petersburg Mission to preside the new Spain Madrid North Mission effective July 2022.

    I hope this explains my previous comment better.

    "Both new missions will open in early July.

    The Spain Madrid North Mission is being created from areas of the existing Spain Madrid and Spain Barcelona missions. The First Presidency has called Christopher L. Eastland and Trista S. Eastland to serve as mission leaders.

    The England Bristol Mission will be reinstated from areas of the England Birmingham and England London missions, with the boundaries of the England Leeds Mission also impacted. England Birmingham Mission President Kevin E. Gallacher and Janine D. Gallacher, who have been serving since July 2021, will be reassigned to the Bristol mission.

    Adam West and Heather West have been reassigned to lead the England Birmingham Mission."

  16. Just learned about a projected Lindon temple district. They will not have this finalized until 8 months before it is dedicated or thereabouts so this is apparently for planning purposes. There are things that will likely happen that will affect things, new stakes and growth patterns otherwise.

    6 Pleasant Grove stakes
    3 Lindon stakes
    7 Orem stakes

    Orem is projected to be completed and dedicated around Summer 2023.

  17. @Jim Anderson, My thoughts about the projected Lindon Utah Temple district would be these 8 Pleasant Grove, 3 Lindon and 7 Orem Stakes. But I could be completely wrong.

    Lindon Utah
    Lindon Utah Central
    Lindon Utah West
    Orem Utah Aspen
    Orem Utah Canyon View
    Orem Utah Heatheridge
    Orem Utah North
    Orem Utah Northridge
    Orem Utah Timpview
    Orem Utah Windsor
    Pleasant Grove Utah
    Pleasant Grove Utah East
    Pleasant Grove Utah Garden
    Pleasant Grove Utah Grove Creek
    Pleasant Grove Utah Mount Mahogany
    Pleasant Grove Utah North Field
    Pleasant Grove Utah Timpanogos
    Pleasant Grove Utah West

    Total 18

  18. That is about right, and they will firm things up as far as which ones, if different, at about that closer time before the dedication, so it could end up differing by one or two.

  19. I heard that the Saratoga Springs Temple will be complete by early August and dedicated in September.

    1. I pulled some data about the opening of the most recently-dedicated temples here in Utah. The Cedar City temple had a roughly 3-week open house, with the dedication following 3 weeks later. The Provo City Center Temple open house was held for roughly 7 weeks, with the dedication following 15 days after the open house ended. The Payson Utah Temple open house lasted roughly 4 weeks, with a dedication following roughly 2 weeks later. Temple open houses in Utah in general and in Utah county in particular generate large interest, so did your source mention anything on how long the open house might be? After pulling the data about the most recent temple openings in Utah, and given that Saratoga Springs is larger than some of the others I mentioned, did your source have any intel on the length of the open house or the timing of a September dedication for Saratoga Springs? Thanks.

    2. I tried to get more info but was unsuccessful. Exact dates were not given and may not be finalized yet. Sounded like the info originated from reliable sources to stake leaders but then traveled verbally from person to person to person.

  20. No problem, you're probably right that nothing official has been determined on that temple yet. I mentioned this on the threads of the post above this one that the biography of the first couple who will lead operations in the Quito Ecuador Temple mentioned that they will begin serving "later this year", in contrast to the other two temple presidents featured in the same article, who will begin serving in September. With the Belem Brazil Temple awaiting an announcement of opening arrangements, it seems likely, in light of the information on the first leaders for the Quito Ecuador Temple, that the San Juan Puerto Rico, Saratoga Springs Utah, and Helena Montana Temples could all potentially be dedicated before the dedication of the Quito Ecuador Temple. Thanks.