Thursday, July 19, 2018

Updated Country Profile - Comoros

Click here to access the updated Reaching the Nations country profile for Comoros. The Church has never maintained a presence in Comoros, albeit very small numbers of Comorians abroad have joined the Church. A couple proselytism materials have been translated into Comorian.


JSA said...

Reconquista Argentina District (2121891) created 15 Jul 2018

Reconquista 1st Branch (95230) Rama Reconquista 1ª
Reconquista 2nd Branch (328278) Rama Reconquista 2ª
Vera Branch (328464) Rama Vera

Chris said...

Earlier this morning also, the church announced the new Temple President assigned to the new "Durban South Africa" Temple...I wonder if there will also be a announcement for the Dedication dates soon?

Chris said...

@JSA, originally organized in 1992, Reconquista Argentina District, was consolidated with Rio Parana Argentina District in Nov/Dec 2013. Now has been seperated again?

Chris said...

Also possible future site of Saratoga Springs Temple project :

James said...

Matt, thanks for this update as well. While the Church is truly flourishing in many nations on the African continent, there are others when that process is still very much in the preliminary phase. With the significant growth we have seen in strongholds of the Church through Africa, hopefully the same can happen in due time for other nations on that continent where the Church has not yet seen great progress.

Chris, I saw both the news about the first president for the Durban South Africa Temple and the projection that the site mentioned in SS will be where the temple is built. Regarding Durban, while I have observed that the general completion estimate for this temple (which was, at last reported information, anticipated to occur in mid-to-late 2019), the announcement of the first president for that temple may indicate that its' dedication is anticipated sooner than any of us realize.

In the same breath, however, I also recognize that the first president of a new temple has at times been called well in advance (12-15 months prior to its' dedication) so that the temple president can have adequate time prior to the dedication to staff both his office and however many shifts the temple will have. Unless there is an official announcement within the next 4-8 months, or unless new information suggests otherwise, the dedication of this temple may still only occur in the final third or quarter of 2019. I would love to be proven wrong on that, but right now, I prefer to be cautious until I have reason to believe otherwise.

In relation to the SS temple, as a lifelong citizen of Utah County, I know that temples in this area do have a site announcement and groundbreaking within 18-24 months of the announcement of those temples. The one exception to that of which I am aware is Provo City Center, which, because it was being built from the restorative efforts on what had been a tabernacle, was able to have its' groundbreaking within 8-9 months of its' announcement. So for me personally, I have shared my thoughts that a groundbreaking for this temple could either happen in late 2018 or early 2019.

That said, in earlier threads on both this blog and mine, extensive comments have been shared about how President Nelson's plans for the temple program of the Church may outpace and overshadow what we saw occur under President Hinckley in the late 1990s-early 2000s. If that is the case, then I am sure that President Nelson will want to do everything within his power to not only bring temples closer to the people in massive numbers, but also to expedite the process whereby temples that have currently not gotten further than being announced (along with those that will be announced in the near future) to more speedily start the construction process.

Depending on the extent of those plans, the Church could potentially hold groundbreaking ceremonies for at least 2, and possibly as many as 6 or 7 temples, before the end of this year. Time will tell. But it will be very interesting to see how all of that unfolds. Hope this information is helpful.

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Nephi said...

@Chris, Yes it looks like the Rio Parana Argentina District has been split. The Rio Parana Argentina District has been renamed the Goya Argentina District with three branches. Looks like the church is setting it back to what it was prior to the consolidation in 2013.