Tuesday, June 6, 2017

LDS Branch Organized in Upper West Region of Ghana - All Regions of Ghana Reached by the Church

The Church organized its first official branch in the Upper West Region of Ghana on June 4th. The new branch is located in the administrative capital city of Wa and is called the Wa Branch. Inhabited by approximately 800,000 people, the Upper West Region was the last administrative region in Ghana without an official LDS presence. Thus, all 10 administrative regions of Ghana now have at least one official ward or branch. Furthermore, Wa was previously the most populous city in Ghana without an LDS presence and the only city in Ghana with more than 100,000 inhabitants without a ward or branch. Missionaries serving in the Ghana Kumasi Mission reported earlier this year that there were approximately one dozen active members who had moved to Wa and petitioned church leaders to organize a member group or branch. The new Wa Branch reports directly to the Ghana Kumasi Mission. It is unclear whether full-time missionaries currently serve in Wa, or whether there are plans to open Wa to formal proselytism efforts in the near future.

Ghana is the first country in West Africa or Central Africa inhabited by over 10 million people to have an LDS presence established in every administrative division. Most recently, the Church in Ghana organized its first ward or branch in Upper East Region (Bolgatanga) in 2016, Northern Region (Tamale) in 2014, Brong Ahafo (Sunyani) in 2011, and Volta Region (Ho) in 2005. Despite this progress, the Church reports an official presence in only one city in three of the 10 administrative regions of Ghana, namely all three most recently opened regions of the country (e.g. Northern, Upper East, Upper West).

Given potential for growth and recent growth trends, prospects appear favorable for the organization of a second mission in Kumasi or elsewhere in central or northern Ghana within the near future.


Mike Johnson said...

Great news. Thanks, Matt.

John Pack Lambert said...

I would think the next mission would be based in Tamale and take in the far north of the country.

John Pack Lambert said...

A new didtrict was organized in Fiji for the second time this year. A new stake waz organized in Missouri, although it has one ward in Illinois.

Eduardo Padura said...

4 wards discontinue in Puebla, Mexico, someone know why?

Eduardo Padura said...
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Eduardo Clinch said...

Good news about Missouri and Fiji.
Is there another African country that has as much unit coverage as Ghana?

Mike Johnson said...

John, thank you for the information about the Hazelwood Missouri Stake
Alton Ward
Hazelwood Ward
Maryland Heights Ward
St Charles Ward
St Peters Ward
Weldon Spring Ward
San Carlos Branch (Spanish)

John Pack Lambert said...

Evidently there is a shift in membership in Puebla so wards are being formed in one part of the city while being discontinued in another.

John Pack Lambert said...

My ward will have two more people baptized this Saturday. They aee both fairly young African Ameeican men. One of them his mother was baptized recently.

Bryan Dorman said...

I live near Puebla.

Fuertes has always been one of the weaker stakes in Puebla, but what is happening is basically a realignment of existing areas to make room for the Puebla Mexico Angelopolis Stake, to take place at the end of the month, dividing the Mayorazgo stake and perhaps taking a unit or two from Libertad stake.

There has been a lot of movement within the city from the eastern areas (seen as poorer and less safe) to the western areas (richer developments there and more safe). A chapel was recently built near Ciudad Judicial that will serve as the Stake Center for the new stake.

What is still unknown (at least from my end) is if this stake would occupy the North mission or the South mission.

This would be seven stakes in Puebla city, one district off to the east, a stake in Cholula, and two stakes in Nealtican.

James said...

I was very excited to read about all of these developments. Thanks to all who have shared their thoughts. If I could add one comment, the reported progress in Ghana makes me think it is very likely that nation could get a second temple in the near future. I am trying to study potential temple locations as I can, and will post with a link to my thoughts if and when anything changes. In the meantime, thanks again to you all for this amazing discussion.

Unknown said...

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