Monday, June 19, 2017

First LDS Branch Created in Guinea

Yesterday, the Church organized its first official branch in the West African country of Guinea. The Conakry Branch was created and the new branch was assigned to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission. The entire country of Guinea has also appeared to have been assigned to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission - the first time that Guinea has ever been assigned to an official mission. Prior to this time, church activities were overseen by the Africa West Area Presidency through the Africa West Area Branch. The organization of the Conakry Branch has occurred less than a month after the first LDS apostle to visit Guinea, Elder David A. Bednar, met with church leaders in Guinea.

Guinea is inhabited by more than 12 million people. The population is 87% Muslim, 9% Christian, and 4% followers of other faiths. The percentage of Christians in Guinea is comparable to the percentage of Christians in Sierra Leone (e.g. 10%). Other nontraditional Christian faiths such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventists report slow growth in Guinea. French is the official language although most speak their official ethnic languages such as Fulani, Malinke, and Susu. For more information about prospects for future LDS growth in Guinea, click here to access a case study I wrote three yeas ago about prospective LDS outreach in Guinea.


Adam said...

Great news with Guinea.

I also just noticed that another district just got upgraded to a stake in Olongapo, Philippines. That puts them at 98 stakes, glad to see the fruits of stake growth occur this year as the attendance has been going up greatly since it didn't show through stake creation last year. In the past 6 years they've created 15 stakes while losing 9 districts (most from being upgraded.) I've always believed the Philippines was the key to opening China, as they would likely be a key supplier of missionaries into the country. They became one of the only non-American/African countries to be completely self-sufficient with missionaries, and now it looks like the local levels are getting their ish together as well. Expect the districts to start dropping like flies as more worthy priesthood enter the ranks and they get upgraded to stakes.

They had their area broadcast on the 11th of June, looking forward to them posting it online. Hope they'll drop some stats like they have uniquely done in broadcasts past, though didn't do in 2016.

Three Filipino youth just moved into our Orlando ward and are living with extended family who are non-members, doing what we can to help them with rides and adjust.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Any time a new country opens up to the Restored Church of Jesus Christ it's a big deal. Mali, Senegal, Cuba, and this nation. A lot of repressive or religiously dominated governments now will get a taste of better freedoms and blessings.
Great year for new lands. Are we at four?

Bryce said...

Years ago when I started reading this blog, I remember becoming aware for the first time where the Church was and was not established. I became more aware of other peoples as I read the country entries on Occasionally I prayed that the Gospel could be established in specific countries where it was not established yet, including Guinea. For these reasons, it was truly exciting all these years later to see a branch organized in Guinea this past summer. For these reasons I'm grateful for this blog which has helped me to recognize the significance of an event that might otherwise go unnoticed in a world full of news and events.