Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Stakes Created in Brazil, Honduras, Peru, Texas, and Washington; District Discontined in Chile

The Church organized a new stake in Alagoas State, Brazil on January 24th. The Maceió Brazil Colina Stake appeared to be organized from a division of the Maceió Brazil Stake. Information on congregations assigned to the new stake is currently unavailable.

There are now six stakes in Alagoas State. There are now 257 stakes and 39 districts in Brazil.

The Church organized a new stake in northern Honduras on January 24th. The Palermo Honduras Stake was organized from a division of the San Pedro Honduras El Progreso Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards and one branch: the Bendeck, La Sarrosas, Las Palmeras, Palermo, and Santa Rita Wards and the Morazan Branch.

There are now 24 stakes and seven districts in Honduras.

Local members in Peru report that the Church organized a new stake in the Lima area on January 17th. The Barranca Peru Stake was organized from the Barranca Peru District. No information is currently available on which branches in the former district have become wards. Established in 1979, the Barranca Peru District numbered among the oldest in the Church in Peru.

There are now 101 stakes and 19 districts in Peru.

Two new stakes have been organized in Texas.

The Church organized a new stake in El Paso on January 17th. The new stake was organized from the El Paso Texas and the El Paso Texas Mount Franklin Stakes. The new stake includes the following six wards and one branch: the El Paso 1st, El Paso 3rd (Spanish), El Paso 4th, El Paso 12th (Spanish), Hondo Pass, and Transmountain (Spanish) Wards and the Chaparral Branch (Spanish). There are now three stakes in El Paso.

The Church organized its seventh stake in San Antonio on January 24th. The new stake was organized from a division of the San Antonio Texas Hill Country and San Antonio Texas West Stakes. The new stake includes the following seven wards and one branch: the Boerne, Fair Oaks, Kerrville, Leon Springs, Leon Valley, Parkwood, and San Antonio 9th Wards and the Balcones Branch (Spanish).

There are now 67 stakes and three districts in Texas.

The Church organized a new stake in the Vancouver area on January 24th. The Ridgefield Washington Stake was organized from a division of the Vancouver Washington North and Vancouver Washington West Stakes. The new stake includes the following six wards: the Alpine Heights, Battle Ground 1st, Battle Ground 2nd, La Center, Ridgefield, and Salmon Creek Wards.

There are now 58 stakes in Washington.

The Church discontinued a district in southern Chile. The Los Lagos Chile District was discontinued and its five branches were reassigned to the Valdivia Chile and Valdivia Chile Calle Calle Stakes.

There are now 77 stakes and 17 districts in Chile.

The Church will organize at least 10 stakes during the month of January based on reports I have received - the largest number of stakes organized during the month of January since 1995 (11 new stakes were organized in January 1995). The largest number of stakes ever organized during January was set in 1988 when 16 stakes were organized (primarily due to the organization of seven new stakes in Lima, Peru in one weekend). The second most stakes ever organized during the month of January was in 1995 (11 stakes) and the third most stakes ever organized during the month of January was in 1982 (10 stakes).


nojensen said...

January 2016 has five Sundays. Might that be a factor in the higher number of new stakes this year compared to other years?

MesaAZGUY said...

The New MESA, AZ stake still hasn't been organized, but it is rumored that it will Organize this weekend...

Mike Johnson said...

There were also five Sundays in 1995 and in 1988.

John Pack Lambert said...

Here is an article from the Deseret News on a branch in South Africa organized last Sunday that had functioned as a group within a neighboring ward for several years before this.

John Pack Lambert said...

Of the 8 new mission presidents listed this week, 4 are from the US. Another 3 are from Chile, the Philippines and Argentina each called to serve in a mission in their country. The last is a couple currently residing in Australia called to serve over the Accra Ghana West Mission. Their last name is Simpson and the husband is originally from New Zealand. He is mainly if not completely European in ancestry. The wife was born in Samoa, her maiden last name was Poutoa and her mothers maiden name was Ahmu. The husaband is a CPA and served his mission in Fiji. With the large number of Samoans in New Zealand, my guess is that they met after the Poutoa family moved to Samoa, but there are other possibilities. If they still published the educational histories I might be able to tell they actually met at BYU-Hawaii.

Joseph said...

Unit Update
Jan 17
El Paso Texas Chamizal Stake (B:1, W:6)
Chaparral Branch (Spanish)
El Paso 1st Ward
El Paso 3rd Ward (Spanish)
El Paso 4th Ward
El Paso 12th Ward (Spanish)
Hondo Pass Ward
Transmountain Ward (Spanish)

Boksburg Branch, Benoni South Africa Stake (B:5, W:7)
Northmead Ward, Benoni South Africa Stake (B:5, W:7)

24 Jan
Palermo Honduras Stake (B:1, W:5)
Morazan Branch
Bendeck Ward
La Sarrosas Ward
Las Palmeras Ward
Palermo Ward
Santa Rita Ward

Ridgefield Washington Stake (W:6)
Alpine Heights Ward
Battle Ground 1st Ward
Battle Ground 2nd Ward
La Center Ward
Ridgefield Ward
Salmon Creek Ward

San Antonio Texas La Cantera Stake (B:1, W:7)
Balcones Branch (Spanish)
Boerne Ward
Fair Oaks Ward
Kerrville Ward
Leon Springs Ward
Leon Valley Ward
Parkwood Ward
San Antonio 9th Ward

Assabou Ward, Yamoussoukro Cote d'Ivoire Stake (W:8)
Duneville Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Spring Mountain Stake (B:1, W:10)
Kasoa 4th Branch, Accra Ghana Kasoa Stake (B:1, W:7)
Kasoa 5th Ward, Accra Ghana Kasoa Stake (B:1, W:7)
Lake Creek Ward, The Woodlands Texas Stake (W:9)
Midland 5th Ward, Odessa Texas Stake (B:5, W:7)
Rotokauri Ward, Hamilton New Zealand Rotokauri Stake (B:1, W:6)
West Terrace Ward, Spokane Washington West Stake (B:4, W:6)

YTD 41(10.25/week*4) +14 - Total 34,219(+4)
Africa 7, 17.0% (+5) - Total 1777 (+5)
Asia 1, 2.4% (0) - Total 932 (0)
America Central 2, 4.8% (+1) - Total 3923 (+1)
America North 24, 58.5% (+7) - Total 9348 (+4)
America South 2, 4.8% (0) - Total 6342 (-4)
Europe 0, 0% (0) - Total 1715 (-1)
Pacific 1, 2.4% (+1) - Total 2731 (0)
Utah & Idaho 4(4), 9.8(9.8)% (0) - Total 6911(5703)(-1)

Totals no-sensitive (Net 4)
Areas Temples Miss Stakes Dist Wards Branch Totals
Global 25 149 418 3,179 545 22,584 7,344 34,244
Us/Can 10 81 131 1,604 10 12,588 2,056 16,480
US n/a 73 124 1,556 7 12,251 1,907 15,918
Utah n/a 15 10 579 1 4,704 326 5,635
Canada n/a 8 7 48 3 337 149 552
Out 15 68 287 1,575 535 9,996 5,288 17,764

Cody Byers said...

I just got word that there will be two new stakes to be created in Hong Kong in April, maybe general or stake confrence. Shows that the church is growing

Iris Evans said...

Great news, Cody!

Cody Byers said...

your welcome

Cody Byers said...

I also got word of a mandarin speaking branch created in Boston. Its called the Kendall Square (Mandarin) Branch in the Boston or Cambridge stake, a missionary from my ward is serving there and says the church is growing. This is all awesome growth