Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Stake in Mexico

The Church created a new stake in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas on March 1st. The Ciudad Victoria Mexico North Stake was organized from a division of the Ciudad Victoria Mexico Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards and one branch: the Carrera, Flores, Libertad, Tamaulipas, and Villas Wards and the Padilla Branch. Prior to the organization of the new stake only one stake operated in the city which was organized in 1976.

There are now 230 stakes and 37 districts in Mexico.


Joseph said...

Update for the
8 March 2015
Xalapa México Macuiltepetl Stake (5 Wards)
Estación Ward
Macuiltepetl Ward
Museo Ward
Olivo Ward
San Bruno Ward

Aurora Branch (Spanish), Barrie Ontario Stake (4 Branches, 5 Wards)
Marratxi Branch, Baleares Spain District (7 Branches)
Westfield 2nd Ward, Lehi Utah Stake (12 Wards)

John Pack Lambert said...

Ciudad Vitoria has a metro area population of 321,000. So having two stakes there is a good thing. My ward here in Michigan and the one just east of us probably have more people in our combined boundaries.

John Pack Lambert said...

Here is a Church News article about a group that is part of a ward in the US. This suggests to me there are a lot of LDS Church meetings we have little knowledge of since they are happening as groups under other units.

Bryan Dorman said...

The Xalapa stake just divided too. Three wards organized there in the past year alone.

And there is a fourth branch in Tamale, Ghana. I wonder how long it is from becoming a district. There's now four branches and a group, and the area wasn't even proselyted until just a year and a half ago.