Thursday, February 26, 2015

New District in Cambodia

The Church in Cambodia created a new district last Sunday. The Siem Reap Cambodia District was organized from the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission and includes the Siem Reap 1st and Siem Reap 2nd Branches. The new district is the Church's third district to be organized outside the capital city, Phnom Penh, as two other districts currently operate in Kampong Cham (organized in 2005) and Battambang (organized in 2010). Although only two branches are included within the new district, prospects appear favorable for the organization of additional branches within the Siem Reap area within the near future. The Church likewise organized the Battambang Cambodia District with only two branches back in 2010 and today the district has three branches.

There are now two stakes and five districts in Cambodia.

See below for a map of LDS congregations in Cambodia


Mike Johnson said...

Groundbreaking for the Wyoming Temple now announced for 25 April.

Thanks for the map showing the Church in Cambodia.

Joseph said...

Erda Utah Stake (6 Wards) Utah Salt Lake City Area
Batesville Ward
Country Crossing Ward
Erda Ward
Ponderosa Ward
Rose Springs Ward
Silver Spur Ward
Out of Stansbury Park Utah and Stansbury Park Utah South Stakes

Houston Texas Bear Creek Stake (8 wards)
Bear Creek 1st Ward
Bridgeland Ward
Copperfield Ward
Katy 1st Ward
Sam Houston YSA 2nd Ward
Spring Branch Ward
Westlake Ward
Wheatstone Ward
Out of Cypress Texas, and Katy Texas Stakes

Casa Blanca Ward, Xalapa México Stake (13 Wards)
Petrópolis Ward, Passo Fundo Brazil Stake (1 Branch 8 Wards)
Temarua Ward, Paea Tahiti Stake (9 Wards)

91 Units YTD (3 Districts, 3 stakes, 33 Branches, 52 Wards)

John Pack Lambert said...

I once ate at a restaurant in Erda. It is encouraging that there is a stake there. I have high hopes for a temple to be announced soon for Toolle. Toolle County has I believe 10 stakes and a district,and with the heavy use of the Salt Lake Temple, I could see reason to create a temple to relieve a little of the pressure.

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

Yes, Tooele County has 10 stakes and a district. Also, add in the two Elko Nevada Stakes, and a temple in Tooele County would serve at least 12 stakes and a district, with 96 wards and a 11 branches.

Elko Nevada East Stake
Meadow Valley Ward
Spring Creek 1st Ward
Spring Creek 2nd Ward
Spring Creek 3rd Ward
Spring Creek 4th Ward
Spring Creek 5th Ward
Wells Ward
Elko YSA Branch
Ruby Valley Branch

Elko Nevada West Stake
Carlin Ward
Elko 1st Ward
Elko 2nd Ward
Elko 3rd Ward
Elko 4th Ward
Elko 5th Ward
Elko 7th Branch (Spanish)
Eureka Branch
Owyhee Branch

Erda Utah Stake
Batesville Ward
Country Crossing Ward
Erda Ward
Ponderosa Ward
Rose Springs Ward
Silver Spur Ward

Grantsville Utah Stake
Clark 2nd Ward
Deseret Peak Ward
Grantsville 6th Ward
Grantsville 8th Ward
Grantsville 10th Ward
Grantsville 11th Ward
Grantsville 13th Ward
Grantsville 14th Ward
Willow Creek Ward

Grantsville Utah West Stake
Grantsville 1st Ward
Grantsville 3rd Ward
Grantsville 4th Ward
Grantsville 5th Ward
Grantsville 7th Ward
Grantsville 9th Ward
Grantsville 12th Ward
Cooley Lane Branch (Retirement)

Stansbury Park Utah Stake
Bayshore Ward
Benson Mill Ward
Big Canyon Ward
Lake Point Ward
Mill Pond Ward
Porter Way Ward
Stansbury Park YSA Ward
Stansbury Ward

Stansbury Park Utah South Stake
Captain's Island Ward
Gordon Lane Ward
Lighthouse Ward
Park View Ward
Picket Lane Ward
Stansbury Lake Ward
Stansbury Village Ward

Tooele Utah Stake
Little Mountain Ward
Middle Canyon Ward
Skyline Ward
Stockton 1st Ward
Stockton 2nd Ward
Tooele 1st Ward
Tooele 6th Ward
Tooele YSA Ward
Vernon Ward
Tooele 16th Branch (Correctional Facility)

Tooele Utah East Stake
Carr Fork Ward
Eastridge Ward
Lakeview Ward
Spring Meadows Ward
Tooele 17th Ward
Whitaker Ward
White Pine Ward

Tooele Utah North Stake
Overlake 1st Ward
Overlake 2nd Ward
Overlake 3rd Ward
Overlake 4th Ward
Overlake 5th Ward
Tooele 2nd Ward
Tooele 3rd Ward
Tooele 5th Ward
Tooele 7th Ward
Tooele 18th Ward
Tooele 26th Ward
Tooele 29th Ward

Tooele Utah South Stake
Dugway Ward
Rush Valley Ward
Tooele 4th Ward
Tooele 11th Ward
Tooele 13th Ward
Tooele 14th Ward
Tooele 15th Ward
Tooele 19th Ward
Tooele 27th Ward
Tooele 28th Ward
Westland Ward

Tooele Utah Valley View Stake
Broadway Ward
Canyon Creek Ward
Droubay Ward
Eastland Ward
Maple Hills Ward
Tooele 8th Ward
Tooele 10th Ward
Tooele 9th Branch (Spanish)

Wendover Utah District
Ibapah Branch
Montello Branch
Wendover Branch

Jim Coles said...

I think there could be some potential to have some stakes from Magna, Utah be part of a temple district in Tooele as well.

John Pack Lambert said...

I was going to say exactly what Jim said, that Magna might be a possibility as well. I am not familiar enough to know how Magna distances to Salt Lake v. Toolle work out though.

James Anderson said...

Geographically it's very close, but there's only one road in or out between the two counties, Magna being in Salt Lake County and everything over the mountains being Tooele County.

Magna members would have to use U-201 to I-80 to U-36 or another road to get into that valley, and I-80 between 201 and 36 is so close to the lake there are weather problems especially during the winter, as there can be major fog issues and lake-effect snow, etc., to cause travel problems.

Star Valley was in part chosen to mitigate travel issues to Idaho even though it was only a 90-minute drive normally, the problem there was mountain passes in the winter.

Eduardo Clinch said...

My mom and step-dad did a humanitarian LDS mission in Cambodia in 2000 to 2002. They loved it. They were heading back to visit in December of 2012 when my mom was diagnosed with serious cancer a month prior; they ended up cancelling, she got treatment throughout 2013 and passed on last March 4 (2014).

I know that the Lord's and all these great Saints' efforts in Cambodia are not in vain, but rather there is a legacy of Latter-day Saints in this fascinating land.

God bless them all. Thanks Mom. I still wear the Khmer CTR ring: "Chere res plau trau". Miss you, as always. But the good news of South East Asia, like Vietnam and Laos, remind me of your great spirit and heritage.

Go missionaries! Get out there and serve. And all of us back home, keep working and paying tithing. And get ready to be called to Phnom Penh and elsewhere.

Mike Johnson said...

The four Magna stakes are in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple district. When I used google maps to measure the distance from Magna to Tooele, it drew the primary route west on 201. But, it offered a secondary route east to I-215 and then north to I-80, going relatively close to the Salt Lake Temple.

I suppose whether the Magna stakes would be in the Tooele district or not, might depend on where such a Tooele Temple might be located. If in Tooele itself, probably not. But, if in Stansbury Park, it might make sense for the Magna stakes to be in the district.

James Anderson said...

Provo City Center is literally at the north edge of its temple district. It's eight stakes each in Provo and Springville, and the northernmost stake is just across Center Street from it, and at least one ward in that goes as far up as 1230 North between 500 West and generally 150 East in Provo (Provo North Park).