Monday, November 25, 2013

New Stake in Missouri; New Districts in Nigeria

Last Sunday, a new stake was created in Missouri in West Plains from a division of the St Robert Missouri Stake.  No information is currently available on whether additional stakes were involved with the creation of the new stake or what units pertain to the new stake.  This information will later be posted as a comment to this blog post.  There are now 15 stakes in Missouri.

Last Sunday, two new districts were created in Nigeria from a division of the Asaba Nigeria District.  The Agbor Nigeria District appears to include two branches (Agbor 1st and Agbor 2nd) whereas the Ogwashi-Nsukwa Nigeria District appears to include five branches (Adonte, Nsukwa, Ogwashi-Uku 1st, Ogwashi-Uku 2nd, and Ogwashi-Uku 3rd).  The strategy of the newly organized Nigeria Benin City Mission appears to center on helping each of these districts progress into stakes as opposed to facilitating the original Asaba Nigeria District to become a stake.  The realigned Asaba Nigeria District now appears to include just five branches (four in Asaba and one in Illah).  There are now 22 stakes and 21 districts in Nigeria.


Rollin Spencer said...

This is Unofficial but 2 wards from the Springfield South Stake, 1 Branch from the North Little Rock Stake and the rest were taken from the St. Roberts Stake. This is what I have heard

Ash Flats Branch- North Little Rock
Ava Ward-Springfield South Stake
Houston Ward- St. Roberts
Mt. Grove Ward- St. Roberts
Mt. Home Ward- Springfield south Stake
Mt. View Branch-St. Roberts
West Plains-St. Roberts

Fredrick said...

This makes sense. The St. Richard stake covered a very large area. The Springfield South Stake had 12 units and the Little Rock North stake was also had a large number of units.

Mike Johnson said...

The West Plains Missouri Stake was created on 24 November. There are 5 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Ava Ward
Houston Ward
Mountain Grove Ward
Mountain Home Ward
West Plains Ward
Ash Flat Branch
Mountain View Branch

The New Hope Ward, Round Rock Texas Stake, was created on 24 November. There are now 13 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Brushy Creek Ward
Chisholm Trail YSA Ward
Georgetown Ward
Leander Ward
McNeil Ward
New Hope Ward
Old Settlers Ward
Round Rock Ward
Serenada Ward
Stony Point Ward
Taylor Ward
Vista Ridge Ward
Walsh Ranch Ward
Palm Valley Branch (Spanish)
Rockdale Branch

Mike Johnson said...

The West Plains Missouri Stake not only drew from across missions (Oklahoma Tulsa and Arkansas Little Rock), it drew across areas--North America Southwest and North America Southeast. That I would think would very unusual.

John Pack Lambert said...

Well, it is just the one branch from Arkansas that is in a different mission and area. I have to say I always wonder why they do not either rename or split the Tulsa Mission, it is more in Missouri and Arkansas than Oklahoma, and has mainly had growth in those two areas.

It looks like Round Rock Stake might split soon.

Ed Clinch said...

I knew there was something familiar about the St. Roberts city/stake. It is close to Fort Leonard Wood, an a US Army base where I spent about 9 choice weeks in 2007. Even though I was only able to attend 3 LDS church 3 times, it was an interesting and educational religious experience for a few reasons.

It was cool to meat soldiers getting taught and baptized there. One Sunday I was invited with my whole company of 170 soldiers or so to a church that I think was north of the base. (Maybe. Another day we did clean up near or on the Lake of the Ozarks, which I think was northerly). This was a big Christian church doing its share of evangelizing and service. One young lady resented being "preached to", which I found silly since she knew this was part of the invitation. Soldiers could have stayed on base if they so chose.

Anyway, great news about this section of Missouri. Our membership seems to do better here than other respective areas of the nation. Could it be special because of D and Covenant blessings? Or just coincidence?