Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Stakes Created in Brazil and Peru

Two new stakes were created in Brazil from districts.  The Pirassununga Brazil Stake was organized from the Pirassununga Brazil District and includes the following five wards: The Leme, Mococa, Pirassununga 1st, Pirassununga 2nd, and Porto Ferreira Wards.  The Santo Ângelo Brazil Stake was organized from the Santo Ângelo Brazil District and the Brazil Santa Maria Mission and includes the following five wards and one branch: The Hortencia, Santa Rosa, Santiago, Santo Ângelo, and Sao Luiz Gonzaga Wards and the Santa Rosa Cruzeiro Branches.  With the creation of the two new stakes there are now 249 stakes and 39 districts in Brazil.

The Church organized its 100th stake in Peru last Sunday.  The Lima Perú Santa Patricia Stake was organized from the Lima Perú La Molina and Lima Perú Sucro Stakes and includes the following seven wards: The Chacarilla, La Molina Vieja, Mayorazgo, Monterrico, San Borja, Santa Felicia, and Santa Patricia Wards.  The new stake becomes the 42nd stake in Lima.


Ed Clinch said...

Hate to see this blank space, so I came up to the pulpit...No, just kidding. (Inside joke, not that funny.)
Peru will have three temples in a few years, and it will be interesting to see how many missionaries they will produce; hopefully more. It is amazing when native people leave their homelands and expand their knowledge outside of their own tongue and culture. To me, that is part of the genius and success of the LDS people. We get into places that most others do not. Despite being non-experienced in the ways of chemicals and worldly ways, we do get to be connoseurs of the planet. So exciting.
Is it me or does it seem like foreign countries generally do not produce as much in the way of missionaries as we hould hope? I wonder what countries generate the most elders and sisters per member? I think Mongolia is probably among the highest; I heard it was like 1,000 out of their 10,000 members have served. If we could get 1 out of 10 churchwide, how amazing would that be? But many are called and few are chosen, I guess.

Carry on.

Mike Johnson said...

One thing about Mongolia is that while close to 1000 have served missions, many of those that have subsequently emigrated to other countries.

Mike Johnson said...

14,000 members attended a cultural event celebrating the creation of the 100th stake in Peru. The cultural celebration was on the 29th, but the stake was actually created on the 30th.

John Pack Lambert said...

When I served my mission in Las Vegas in 2000-2002 we not only had several missionaries from Mongolia, but we also had several from Brazil, Mexico and several other Latin American countries.