Friday, June 7, 2013

New Stake in Zimbabwe; New District in French Polynesia

A new stake as created last Sunday in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  The Nkulumane Zimbabwe Stake was organized from the Bulawayo Zimbabwe Stake and includes the following four wards and four branches: The Nketa 1st, Nkulumane 1st, Nkulumane 2nd, and Tshabalala Wards and the Emganwini, Mzilikazi, Nketa 2nd, and Nkulumane 3rd Branches.  There are now five stakes and two districts in Zimbabwe.

French Polynesia
Last Sunday a new district was organized in French Polynesia.  The Taiohae Marquesas Islands District was organized from two former mission branches in the Marquesas Islands (Hiva Oa and Taiohae).  Additional branches may be organized within the boundaries of the new district considering there are only two branches in the new district.  There are now eight stakes and four districts in French Polynesia.


John Pack Lambert said...

I this the first district organized in the Marquesas Islands?

Mike Johnson said...

A Deseret News article on the impacts of the increase in missionaries and quotes Matt's analysis--

Isawan said...

my brother in-law is from Marquesas! his father is the branch president.

Matt said...


Is there any way you could find out how many active members there are in the two branches? Any idea on what prompted the district creation with only two branches?

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

The Candeias Branch, Porto Velho Brazil Stake, was created on 9 June. There are now 5 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Jardim Eldorado Ward
Jardim Mangueira Ward
Mamoré Ward
Minas Flores Ward
Porto Velho Ward
Ariquemes Branch
Candeias Branch
Tancredo Neves Branch

The Columbia YSA Branch, Columbia Maryland Stake, was created on 9 June. There are now 6 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Columbia 1st Ward
Columbia 2nd Ward
Eldersburg Ward
Ellicott City Ward
Hampstead Ward
Savage Mill Ward
Columbia 3rd Branch (Spanish)
Columbia YSA Branch

The Mata Virgem Branch, Alvarenga Brazil Stake, was created on 9 June. There are now 5 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Jardim Apurá Ward
Jardim Selma Ward
Parque Dorotéia Ward
Parque Primavera Ward
São Jorge Ward
Mata Virgem Branch

The Opinion said...

Does anybody know when the new mission boundaries are coming out officially from the church?

Ray said...

To The Opinion: In past years these new boundaries have been announced on July 1. That should be the date again this year, although with so many new missions it may take longer.

Mike Johnson said...

Last year, maps of the then 8 new missions were in the Church News of 9 March 2012

I think the maps are delayed this year because of the numbers.

The Opinion said...

Thanks for the response on the maps.I have been looking anxiously in the Church News each week but to no avail. Also does anybody have any news on the "historic" meeting on the 23rd for the stake and ward councils and new mission president. The church press release calls it historic so it has me intrigued.

Iris and Craig said...

Yes. I'm anxious to know as well.

Isawan said...
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Isawan said...

all i can say is it like a special general conference focusing on Missionary Work, really everything you can think of about the missionary Work. But i can't say anything else though, it's confidential.

to Matt: I'll get back to you with all the info about Marquesas soon

John Pack Lambert said...

At the rate were going, I am suspecting they chose not to publish the new boundaries in the Church news, and we will have to rely on reports of comparing pre- and post-July 2013 boundaries.

I would love it if President Monson showed a map of the new missions during his talk that will be available for all to watch on June 23, but I do not expect him to do so. I expect him to teach principals of sharing the gospel more effectively.

Mike Johnson said...

I know that my stake and the stake to the north of us are being moved from the Washington DC South Mission and into the Virginia Richmond Mission. That mission is leaving 3 of its 7 stakes to the new Virginia Chesapeake Mission, which also is taking in 2 stakes from the North Carolina Raleigh Mission. So, I know the boundaries of this mission (unless stake boundaries are tweaked).

Washington DC South Mission: Annandale Virginia, Oakton Virginia, Mount Vernon Virginia, McLean Virginia, Ashburn Virginia, and Centreville Virginia Stakes.

Virginia Richmond Mission: Prince William Virginia, Fredericksburg Virginia, Richmond Virginia, Richmond Chesterfield Virginia, Richmond Midlothian Virginia, Waynesboro Virginia Stakes.

The new Virginia Chesterfield Mission: Chesterfield Virginia, Virginia Beach, Newport News Virginia, Kingston North Carolina, and Goldsboro North Carolina stakes.

The Idaho Boise Mission is being split into 3 missions. The Boise Mission is already covering 3 Area Coordinating Councils (Boise, Nampa, and Twin Falls) of 14-16 stakes each, so I am pretty sure where the new Nampa and Twin Falls missions are going to be.

Than only leaves 55 more missions.

Boise Area Coordinating Council
Elder J. Craig Rowe Area Seventy
Boise Idaho Central Stake
Boise Idaho East Stake
Boise Idaho North Stake
Boise Idaho South Stake
Boise Idaho Stake
Boise Idaho West Stake
Boise Idaho YSA Stake
Eagle Idaho Stake
Meridian Idaho Amity Stake
Meridian Idaho East Stake
Meridian Idaho North Stake
Meridian Idaho Paramount Stake
Meridian Idaho South Stake
Meridian Idaho Stake
Meridian Idaho West Stake
Mountain Home Idaho Stake

Nampa Area Coordinating Council
Jeffrey D. Erekson Area Seventy
Caldwell Idaho East Stake
Caldwell Idaho Stake
Emmett Idaho Stake
Kuna Idaho East Stake
Kuna Idaho Stake
La Grande Oregon Stake
Middleton Idaho Stake
Nampa Idaho East Stake
Nampa Idaho North Stake
Nampa Idaho South Stake
Nampa Idaho West Stake
Nyssa Oregon Stake
Ontario Oregon Stake
Weiser Idaho Stake

Twin Falls Area Coordinating Council
Elder Kent J. Allen Area Seventy
Burley Idaho Stake
Burley Idaho West Stake
Carey Idaho Stake
Declo Idaho Stake
Filer Idaho Stake
Jerome Idaho Stake
Kimberly Idaho Stake
Oakley Idaho Stake
Paul Idaho Stake
Rupert Idaho Stake
Rupert Idaho West Stake
Twin Falls Idaho South Stake
Twin Falls Idaho Stake
Twin Falls Idaho West Stake
Wendell Idaho Stake

The Idaho Boise Mission is also a member of all three of these area coordinating councils.

I would be surprised if the Nampa and Twin Falls missions didn't simply match up with the existing area coordinating councils.

Unknown said...

@John Pack Lambert
On you can sign in and see the boundaries of the missions. I suspect that shortly after July 1 they will be updated with the new missions.
Plus I made some Maps:
and I plan to update them when they release the new boundaries.

In an interview with some Idaho news site, the Pocatello Mission President said the Mission will swallow up the Stakes from the Ogden Mission that are in southern Idaho as well as Star Valley. The mission will also loose 2 stakes to Twin Falls. I found out from my stake president that the stakes are Moore and Salmon. He also suspected that the mission will split in 2014 with Idaho Falls, Which makes sense that stakes are being added to the mission.

Eduardo said...

Mike Johnson: do you mean the new mission in the seven cities area of Virginia will be called the Chesapeake Mission? The Chesterfield Stake looks to be closer to Richmond, while maybe you omitted the city of Chesapeake for the other name.

It is exciting to see new missionaries coming to my current state of residence; I hope that the increase in elders and sisters will help more people understand the true nature of the Church of Jesus Christ and bring many others closer to God.

Good stuff. We love the missionaries in DC South and around the globe. Thanks for all the good information on this site and the follow ups.

On a final note, I have friends who want southern Virginia to resist a temple there (they think that LDS are mislead), but I think that it is looking inevitable.

Richmond seems like a good place to help the people of the Appalachians (and a nice concentration of Saints in Buena vista), while the Hampton Roads region is not too far a drive to the state capital.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, Ed. My slip on twice writing Chesterfield for Chesapeake. Yes, the new mission is the Virginia Chesapeake Mission and the Richmond Virginia Chesterfield Stake will remain in the Virginia Richmond Mission, and finally the Chesapeake Virginia Stake will be in the new Virginia Chesapeake Mission.

Yes, I think Richmond would be a good location for a temple. Virginia has long been the state with the largest LDS population and the most stakes without a temple and is in fact about the size of the next three states combined.

Buena Vista is a nice mostly LDS enclave with two stakes right now. These stakes and the Roanoake and Pembroke stakes are in the West Virginia Charleston Mission, but they would likely be in a Richmond Temple district if that happens. And so would most of the stakes in the new Virginia Chesapeake Mission.

Mike Johnson said...

The Canyon Lake YSA Ward, Mesa Arizona YSA East Stake, was created on 16 June. There are now 8 wards in the stake:

Canyon Lake YSA Ward
Citrus Groves YSA Ward
Countryside Park YSA Ward
Eden Park YSA Ward
Highgroves YSA Ward
Mesa YSA 2nd Ward
Mountain Park YSA Ward
Mountain View YSA Ward

The Tilburg Branch, Antwerp Belgium Stake, was created on 16 October. There are now 6 wards and 7 branches in the stake:

Antwerpen Ward
Breda Ward
Eindhoven Ward
Heerlen Military Ward
Leuven Ward
St Niklaas Ward
Brugge Branch
Genk Branch
Gent Branch
Kortrijk Branch
Tilburg Branch
Turnhout Branch
Vlissingen Branch