Saturday, January 26, 2013

Church Growth Developments in Rwanda

The Church has recently experienced significant church growth developments in Rwanda including the assignment of proselytizing missionaries in September 2012 and the organization of new branches within the past six months.  These developments have occurred due to changes in the law regarding the registration of religious groups and permitting religious groups to operate in the country while awaiting official government recognition.  In 2008, the Church organized its first branch in Rwanda and reported 17 members by the end of the year.  By year-end 2011, there were 90 members on church records in Rwanda and one branch.

The Church has organized two new branches called the Kigali 2nd and Kigali 3rd Branches.  Member reports indicate that there are approximately 100 currently attending church meetings among the three branches and that the decision to create two new branches was motivated to reduce travel times and spur church growth.  Additional full-time missionary companionships arrived this month and each of the three branches now has its own set of missionaries.  Large numbers of converts have been baptized by full-time missionaries due to investigators regularly attending church services but who had not received the missionary lessons prior to the assignment of full-time missionaries.

The outlook for future LDS growth in Rwanda appears highly favorable due to good receptivity to the Church, the assignment of additional missionary companionships, and outreach expansion vision by mission leaders.  The formation of a district in Kigali and perhaps a new mission that services Rwanda and Burundi may be forthcoming in the near future.


Samuel Gonçalves Sant'Ana said...

On January 27, a new branch was created in Luanda, Angola. Branch called Benfica. Now the city of Luanda has 5 units of the Church. Preparing for a future stake and possibly receive a mission soon. See this blog which gives more details of this new branch.

Aaron and Kamyra said...

Matt, where is Southern Sudan up to in teaching and baptising those large groups of people self identify as LDS?

muhayeplus jado said...

Is there an email to get in contact with the church in Rwanda?