Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stake Discontinued in California

A stake was recently discontinued in California.  The Huntington Park California West (Spanish) Stake was consolidated into the Los Angeles California, Downey California (renamed Huntington Park California), and the Inglewood California Stakes.  The stake previously contained seven Spanish-speaking units and had no units recently closed.  Missionaries report that one of the primary reasons for the consolidation was to provide more socialization opportunities for Spanish-speaking youth with their English-speaking counterparts.  Within the past decade, there have been very few congregations closed in stakes affected by the recent stake consolidation.

There are now 156 stakes in California.


Matt said...

(different Matt) I also might add, this has nothing to do with the strength of the stake, but I agree the youth in the Spanish Stake speak more English than Spanish.

Another issue was the former Huntington Park West Spanish Stake had its own buildings. So Spanish Wards could only be in their own buildings, English wards used the other buildings.

Now both English and Spanish Wards can use all the church buildings and can assign wards to the nearest building.

In fact, this reorganization didn't close any wards or branches, in fact a new Spanish branch (South Gate 1st) was created. Definitely this reorganization is a win-win for everyone.

Ramon Alcantar said...

All this is new for me, I was one of the lucky ones wen the Huntington Park Spanish ward was
formed in 1978 en split latter.
Gracias por esta informacion haora
entiendo porque no puedo encontrar
los miembros que busco,de ese tiem
po mi Nombre es Ramon Alcantar me
gustaria saber como me podria communicar con ellos Gracias