Monday, January 16, 2012

New Missions in 2012 - Predictions

The Church will officially announce any changes to its 340 missions worldwide within the next month.  It appears that there will likely be two new missions organized in 2012 in the following locations based on missionary reports:

  • Angola Luanda
  • Ghana Kumasi
There has been no official announcement of either mission, but the number of missionaries assigned to these two areas has steadily increased within the past six months and it appears that preparations are underway for the creation of new missions in these locations.


Lloyd said...

Although it is not official, it is likely that the New York Rochester and New York Utica missions will be merging. They may wait until next year but there seems to be preparations for this to happen soon.

alien236 said...

That does seem likely. I grew up in the Potsdam District in the New York Utica Mission and it was not exactly exploding in membership. In my branch, which was the largest by at least half, we baptized an average of two people a year, who would then either go inactive within a month or leave eventually because they were college students. The next closest branch was discontinued, giving us a net gain of two members. Our branch was also the only one in the district with an appreciable number of youth and so we always went to Albany for youth conferences and dances.

So in summary, I certainly hope the missions are being combined because it's about time the Church stops wasting resources there while countless more receptive and deserving areas go without anything. I'm not exactly sure how it would work, though, because at least in my district all the congregations were a half hour to an hour apart so sharing missionary couples might not be plausible. But maybe the other congregations don't need missionaries because I'm pretty sure they had even fewer baptisms than we did.

John Pack Lambert said...

The reports of the demise of a New York Mission were premature and not warrented.