Friday, December 23, 2011

Baghdad Iraq Military District Discontinued

In conjunction with the withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq, the Church has discontinued the Baghdad Iraq Military District.  Formed in late 2009, the district met the needs of military members in Iraq meeting in six branches and up to several dozen groups at one time.  Five of the six branches have been discontinued with the closure of the district; only one branch continues to operate (I Z Military Branch).

Members in the Middle East report that there have been a handful of Iraqi Christians who have joined the LDS Church in other nations such as Jordan.  It is unclear whether any active Iraqi Latter-day Saints live in Iraq at present.  The Church does not proselyte in Iraq and no missionaries are assigned.

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Tom said...

The church has boomed in Papua New Guinea in 2011.

By November the mission had baptized nearly 2000 people.

Sacrament meeting attendance has increased by almost 3000.

The church has a very good future in this country if these trends continue. I also sent this information to