Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LDS Statistical Map - Africa and Europe

I have been working on creating a statistical map to provide in-depth insight into LDS Church growth trends by nation/territory. Statistics provided for each nation include:

* Number of LDS members in 2010
* 2010 membership growth rate
* Percent membership growth since 2000
* Number of units (congregations)
* Number of temples
* Number of missions
* Number of stakes
* Number of districts
* Ratio of one Latter-day Saint per "x" inhabitants
* Change of ratio in LDS per inhabitants since 2000
* Percent of inhabitants reached by LDS congregations
* Number of unreached cities with over "x" number of inhabitants
* Estimated member activity rate
* Year of initial LDS Church establishment
* Year of country dedication for missionary work

Countries are color-coded to indicate whether there is an LDS temple and stake (red), a stake and no temple (yellow), a district and no stake or temple (green), or an LDS congregation and no district, stake, or temple (blue). Countries that have markers with dots indicate whether an LDS mission is headquartered in the country or not.

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Deivisas said...


Before 1907: Some missionary visits occurred however there where no missionaries assigned to Lithuania.

-In 1909 2 missionaries where assigned to Klaipėda, Lithuania.
-Around August 1914: Missionaries where pulled from Lithuania due to WWI and the Branch was left to the members to look after.
-On May 26, 1920: missionaries returned to Lithuania.
-November 1, 1926: Missionaries where pulled from Lithuania again.
-October 10, 1931: Missionaries where sent once again to Lithuania.
-April of 1932: Missionaries where once again pulled from Lithuania.
*Most of the missionary work that occurred during this period appears to have occurred in the city Of Klaipėda, Lithuania.

-December 21, 1992: Missionaries from the St. Petersburg Mission arrive in (Vilnius?) Lithuania.
-May 20, 1993: Elder Ballard Dedicated Lithuania or the preaching of the Gospel.
-July 01, 1993: The Riga, Latvia Mission was created consisting of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Around this time Missionaries started to study the Lithuanian language.
-Jan 22, 1994: The 1st members in Kaunas, Lithuania where baptized.
-March 16, 1995: The Church was officially registered in Lithuania.
-December 3, 1995: Missionaries returned to Klaipėda, Lithuania.
-June 9, 1996: A Branch was once again organized in Klaipėda.
-Jan 18, 1998: The Lithuania District was formed.
-Jan 25, 2001: A letter from the 1st Presidency informed members that printing of the Book of Mormon in Lithuanian had commenced.
-Dec 2001: Missionaries where transferred to the city of Šiauliai, Lithuania.
-Sep 2006: the Triple combination was published in Lithuanian.

The Chatelain's said...

Is the district dissolution in Armernia similar to what happened in Bulgaria? Or would it be preparation for a stake in Yerevan?

twinnumerouno said...

Matt, I like your system (though it took me a little while to figure out how to access the full statistics data), but shouldn't Austria and Ireland both have red markers?

twinnumerouno said...

I'm sorry- make that yellow.

Tom said...

Just to everyone know,

Congregational Growth in the Philippines this year has been higher than ever. Possibly the highest out of most recent years.

At the beginning of 2010 there were 1100 congregations in the Philippines. That number has expanded to 1113. Outside of the US, no other country on Earth has had that many congregations.

Does this indicate improved retention and activity in the Philippines?

Christopher Nicholson said...

A friend of mine in Río Gallegos, Argentina informed me that today the Belgrano branch and Gaucho Rivero branch were consolidated, retaining the title of Gaucho Rivero. Low membership numbers and probably low activity rates as well contributed to the change.

Matthias said...

Hi Matt,

I'm in the Anchorage Alaska Stake, and at our stake conference yesterday, they announced that there would be a special stake conference on November 6. Do you think our stake is a candidate to split, maybe a 3 from 2 with Anchorage North? I know our ward could easily survive if divided in two.

Tom said...

A new stake has been created in Peru.

The countries total number of stakes now goes up to 96.

Matthew Crandall said...

At a district conference it was announced that the Estonian district would not be dissolved, and would remain intact. A new district president was called as well. This is good news for the saints in Estonia.