Sunday, December 26, 2010

Three New Stakes Created in Brazil

Belem, Para State

Two of the three preexisting stakes in this northern Brazilian city located near the mouth of the Amazon River were reorganized into five stakes two Sundays ago. The Belem Brazil Cabanagem Stake had 11 wards and one branch and the Belem Brazil Cidade Nova Stake had nine wards and one branch prior to the creation of the two new stakes. The new Belém Brazil Entroncamento Stake has five wards (Aguas Lindas, Ananindeua, Entrocamento, Julia Seffer, Marituba) and one branch (Mosqueiro) and the Belém Brazil Icoaraci Stake has four wards (Agulha, Icoaraci, Maracacuera, Satelite) and one branch (Outeiro). Para state has experienced an unprecedented surge in the creation of new stakes as two additional stakes were created from districts earlier this year (Castanhal and Santarem), increasing the total number of stakes from three to seven in 2010. Full-time missionaries report that local Church and mission leaders are preparing the region for the announcement of a temple sometime in the near future.

Fortaleza, Ceare State

The 15th stake in the Fortaleza metropolitan area was created two weeks ago near the downtown area from a division of the Fortaleza Brazil Montese and Fortaleza Brazil West Stakes. The Fortaleza Brazil Benfica Stake includes the Benfica, Democrito Rocha, Expedicionarios, Jardim America, and Rodolfo Teofilo Wards. No other stakes appear likely to divide until additional congregations are created in the Fortaleza area. There are now 239 stakes and 49 districts in Brazil.


Tom said...

That's now 12 new stakes in Brazil in the back end of 2010. A greater maturity in leadership and structure will allow greater growth in the coming years.

The church is really booming there.

brycen said...

The score for a potential Belem temple has to have gone way up this year, from 3 stakes in the state to 7 now. Wow! Of course, Rio is looking a little better as well.