Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New District in Nigeria

Something that I forgot to mention in my previous post about Benin City and Edo State, Nigeria is that a few years ago a couple mission branches sprouted 35 miles to the northeast of Benin City in a series of small cities. Two branches functioned in this region, called the Iruekpen and Ozalla Branches, and where the only congregations outside of Benin City in Edo State. In the past six months, both of these branches have been divided to create the Iruekpen 2nd and Ozalla 2nd Branches and a fifth branch was also created called the Ekpoma Branch. Last Sunday, the Ekpoma Nigeria District was created from these five branches. Recent growth in the Ekpoma Nigeria District indicates that high receptivity and strong growth also occur elsewhere in Edo State.

Nigeria now has 16 stakes and 18 districts, five of which districts were organized since late 2007. The creation of additional districts remains likely in Nigeria. Potential new districts may be organized in Ogwashi-Uku, Ohafia, and Afikpo as additional congregations continue to be organized.

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Justinodhans982000 said...

THanks for this blog, church growth retention etc is a passion of mine, it helps me "tick" in the gospel. Keep up the good work.