Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New District in Brazil

A new district was organized in northeastern Brazil last Sunday. The Sousa Brazil District was created in the state of Paraiba from three branches in Sousa and Cajazeiras. The Church has had a presence in far western Paraiba for only a year or two. The new district is characteristic of the rapid growth seen in smaller, interior towns in northern Brazil over the past decade. For example, in the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Norte the city of Caico did not belong to a stake or district back in November of 2001. Only one branch was in the city and one branch was also functioning in nearby Currais Novos. Both branches were soon made into a district, which became a stake in 2007. Mossoro also went from three branches in 2001 to a stake in 2006.

There are now 229 stakes and 51 districts in Brazil.


rfelsted said...

Matt, Thanks for your quick reporting on these new districts. They're not yet showing up on the Recife or Hong Kong Temple Districts, but the ldschurchtemples.com site has it (showing districts going from 598 to 602 in the last couple of days).

Crazyacorn said...

I served my mission in the state of Paraiba from 1998 to 2000, and at that time none of these branches existed! Thank you for reporting this information.