Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Stakes In Peru and Minnesota

A new stake was recently created in Lima, Peru. The Lima Perú Condevilla Stake becomes the 34th stake in Lima and the 89th in the country. The last time a new stake was created in Lima was back in 2003. We have seen a recent increase in new stakes and congregations being created in Peru, with eight new stakes organized since December of 2006 (most of which were from districts maturing into stakes).

Also members in Minneapolis report that a new stake will be created in the city in the coming weeks. It is likely that one of the stakes that will be divided to created the new stake will be the Burnsville Minnesota Stake considering there are 10 wards and four branches within its boundaries.

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Brandon Plewe said...

The new Minnesota stake is apparently in St. Cloud. It's showing up on the unit websites.