Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New District In French Guiana

The first district of the Church in French Guiana was recently organized. French Guiana is located just east of Suriname and is part of the West Indies Missions. The Cayenne French Guiana District will serve members which live in the branches located in Cayenne and Kourou. The Church initially grew rapidly once it was first established in French Guiana 20 years ago but slow substantially once membership reached 200. In 2007 membership increased to 287 and like the rest of the West Indies Mission, likely had many converts baptized last year.

On an interesting note, the district of missionaries serving in French Guiana report that they usually attend zone conference in Suriname. In order to get there they have to go by taxi, bus and canoe.


Kim Siever said...

Are you sure this is the first district of the Church?

Matt said...

Excuse my poor wording...I rephrased that to make it less confusing.