Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Map of Rwanda and Burundi

Here's a map of Rwanda and Burundi. The first branch in Rwanda was created on 16 March 2008. There used to be a branch in Burundi, but it was disbanded after disorder in the capital over a decade ago. Hopefully this country will reopen for missionary work soon as well. Again, if you click on the map, it will enlarge and the green square is the branch just created.


Clémentine said...

Thank you so much for all the news !

I'm really interested about the church in Rwanda because this summer I'm going there for an humanitarian mission.
I'm a french student (19 years old) and I'm going to Rwanda alone so I'ld like to know if it's possible to find when and where are the mettings in Kigali, could you help me please ?

Thank you !

Matt said...


If you go to , it will have information about where the branch in Kigali meets.

Imara said...

I too am going to Rwanda in December of 2008 and again in May of 2009. I went to and there was no listing for any branch in Kigali. Is there any other way to find out if members are meeting together there? Thanks!

Emma Yoder said...

Is there any more information about this?